Officially in the UCD Community!


Today my luck was on point! Jacie and I stood in line for only 5 minutes to get our student leap cards to be able to ride the Dublin bus at a discounted rate. The last two days the lines have been 2 hours long!! Score! Then was the decision to jump on the bus right then or walk around campus since we had a cookout in a couple of hours. A real adventure needs more than 2 or 3 hours in the city of Dublin. The running trails around campus are gorgeous! Everything is so green because of all the rain. Speaking of rain, I didn’t get rained on at all today! Score #2!

Since on campus, I have been to two barbecues. I think of like pulled pork barbecue but no, they mean a cook out. The free hotdog was pretty awesome tonight though. Score #3! I wonder if they have hotdog buns. They have different bread here but man is it fresh and tasty! Also at the barbecue was an awesome band and a huge movie screen with students laying on the lawn watching Guardians Of The Galaxy. I think its great that UCD has an actual indoor movie theatre on campus! I mean I know Purdue has a bowling alley but still.

The evening wrapped up with the International President’s Welcome. We walked in O’Reilly Hall noticing a bag and a scarf on every chair. Free stuff, score #4! I overheard a lady telling another student to take the scarf off of himself but I didn’t understand why. After a few welcoming and inspiring speeches, the president officially invited us into the University College Dublin community with the scarf ceremony!


2 thoughts on “Officially in the UCD Community!

  1. Morgan, I know that you will have a wonderful adventure. I am hopeful that you will get to do some traveling. It is a beautiful country. Enjoy!


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