Orientation Week Complete


I don’t think I have met a grumpy Irish person yet. Well I take that back. The bus driver wasn’t the friendliest but he wasn’t really rude either. During the past two days of international and agriculture orientation, I have felt very welcomed and very confident that this semester is going to be great! They have suggested classes to take that can help international students learn more about Irish traditions, history, and language as well as encouraged us to join multiple social clubs on campus. I thought Purdue encouraged a social life but here it is magnified. Everyone is relaxed, a pleasure to talk to, and very easy going.

Yesterday was my first real walking around adventure into the city of Dublin and it is amazing. Yes, a country girl loves the city in Ireland. Every street is different and every corner you turn opens up another realm. We shopped at a store called Penneys which was a lot different than the JCPenneys at home. It’s clothing that is in style and actually really cheep. The first trip caused a small dent in my pocket and the truth is, I plan to go back tomorrow when I have a full day of nothing to do!

Last night we decided to look for a place to eat dinner. There were places everywhere but of course Jacie, Connor, and I couldn’t decide. We said the next place we run into we are going to walk in and sit down. At least that was the idea until the next place was a white table cloth American Steakhouse. We ended up meeting our roommate Jena at The Bankers Lounge on the corner of a street that I probably couldn’t get us back to without GPS. Talk about some good food and awesome atmosphere.

I can’t help but laugh at the conversations I have had with the nicest people. The cab driver for example. Jena and I got in the car after waving him down and of course started chatting with him right away. He has 4 children in college I believe and he needs this second job to help them pay for school. As we talk about current events in the news paper and where we are from in the US I ask, “Sometimes I find it difficult to understand Irish people in Dublin. The word three often sounds like tree. You know like the big ones with bark and leaves.” He laughs and says, “Yea that is very common in Dublin but not really all around Ireland.” So naturally my next question was, “Is it difficult for you to understand me at all?” His response was, “No. I think you talk too slow.” Instantly I realize this is so true. I also realize my mother is going to have a hard time when she comes to visit because very often she tells me not to talk so fast. Once she is here, I’m sure she won’t say a word and ask, “What did he just say?”

Lastly, the picture I have is on the street crosswalk everywhere in Dublin. Because the cars drive on opposite sides of the road than we are used to in the US, they have which way to look. Brilliant. Shoot, I look both ways about 3 times before I cross because man do I find it confusing at the very last second.


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