Living the Dream Filled with Sports & Coffee

The third week of classes have started and I can’t believe it. This morning was the first lecture for my Farm Business Management course and I think it is going to be very interesting. It seems like this course will be focused on connecting management concepts to what happens in a real world setting. Although I expect it to be challenging, I expect to learn a lot and tie it back to what I have experienced in my summer internships. The final list of classes I am taking this semester includes Farm Business Management, Non-Ruminant Animal Production, Ireland Uncovered, and Wildlife Conservation. I am very excited for each of these classes but nervous that in Ireland the final exam makes up 70% or 80% of the entire course grade. This is very different from Purdue where they rely on homework, small assignment grades, and multiple exams throughout the semester with a final exam worth much less than 80% of the overall grade. Frightening but I enjoy a nice challenge!

This past week has been filled with sports and sore muscles! The picture at the left is at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland. Leeza and I went to the Camogie Finals with a few UCD students we know from studying at Purdue in past semesters. Camogie is the women’s version of hurling. All I know is they run miles on this field using a wooden stick and a hard ball. Three points to get it into the soccer net and one point to get it between the goal posts and over the cross bar. Other than that, I know how to jump on youtube and listen to the confusing explanation of the sport. It was an awesome atmosphere with tons of people cheering for their teams in the final Ireland match!


Last week was what they call Freshers week where students sign up to join clubs and societies. I joined the International Student Society, Agriculture Society, and Volleyball Club. Tryouts for the volleyball club were Friday evening at 20:00. Yes, I find myself counting out loud about three times to make sure it’s really 8:00 PM. I was more excited than nervous to play again with a group of all girls who have the same passion for the sport as I do. The first hour passed with drills and about ten minutes of game playing. Talk about boring. A girl from Seattle, Jennifer, and I decided to stick around for another hour to play with a group of guys on the other court. We played hard for a continuous hour and had a blast! I realized pretty quickly that I should have brought my kneepads and I definitely should have stretched that night before I went to bed because my entire body is still sore today.


The picture at the right was from this Saturday in Phoenix Park where the Dublin Half Marathon was held. If you think I ran 13.1 miles, you’re crazy. My roommate Fiona and I met Conner at the park to watch Jacie run along with nearly 9,000 other runners. She finished in just over two hours placing well inside the first half of finishers. We were excited to be there to support her and encourage the other runners as they completed a race I couldn’t even imagine finishing. It was a beautiful and surprisingly dry morning for such an awesome race. The week of sports wrapped up with the Gaelic Football Finals held in Croke Park. We decided to watch the game on the television over dinner in the City Center. Dublin defeated Kerry in a close match that was thrilling to watch! Once again, youtube a video of gaelic football. It is a crazy combination of soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, and probably a few other sports. Although I have enjoyed watching these gaelic games, I miss American Football so much already. If only I knew of a place where I could watch monday night football tonight at 1:30 in the morning. I guess googling the highlights will have to do. GO COLTS!




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