Sunshine with a side of Disaster! 

Well it’s been a while since I’ve made a post but I think I’ve got it figured out now. I haven’t posted since my birthday and that’s horrible because it was a great one! My roommates piled me with delicious chocolate cake and other chocolate delights while loved ones from home sent packages and cards. My day was perfectly spent going to class then out to dinner with all the American and Irish students studying here at UCD. It was the next day that was a disaster…

Tuesda, I had one class at 9 in the morning and was feeling the wrath of a wonderful cold I had been building up so I decided to relax in my room and drink a lot of fluids. I finally got up and made some dinner and black hot tea to sooth my throat. Next thing I knew, tea knocks over and ZAPPPPP goes my MacBook Pro. Talk about the most horrible feeling of everything being lost, my computer is soaking wet, and I can’t even buy another one here because the keyboards are different!!! Ugh! Well, tomorrow will be a week since I took it to the apple store and hopefully I will go in and they will have extracted all the files and pictures from the hard drive and put it on the portable one for me. One can only hope that I didn’t loose everything from 5 years back. 

On a much brighter note, Sunday, Jena and I went to Howth, Ireland which is a peninsula right outside Dublin. The water was beautiful along with all the fishing boats and sailboats in for the day. We went to the market and purchased some coffee and mini cupcakes that were to die for! The last stop was the castle, so we thought. We happened to run into a beautiful church on our way up the hill along with a nice couple from the United States. Instead of asking us to take a picture of them, the gentleman asked if we needed a picture taken of us. How generous of him. Of course after he helped us it was time for us to help him! Makes since and of course I was about to offer anyway! The castle was pretty but disappointing because we couldn’t go inside. All in all, it was a great getaway from the city life.


Wow, can’t believe I almost forgot about Saturday night. I went with 4 Irish students to see Hunter Hayes at Vicar Street in Dublin!! For a country singer from the US it was a small venue but it was packed!! Everyone was singing along and since most of us were standing on the floor, we were dancing and clapping along as well. Hunter is an awesome performer and very personable. For his first time in Ireland to perform, he was so excited about the crow and how enthusiastic we were. At first he was speechless and then couldn’t thank everyone enough after everyone was chanting, “One more tune! One more tune!” I had to chuckle at the word tune. Just another reminder of the dream location and life I am living.


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