While sitting in the kitchen last night with Jena and Jacie, we all realize there isn’t enough time left to travel everywhere we want to go! Jena and I booked a few days in Belgium and Jacie is going to meet us in Amsterdam for a couple days later in the week. Everything is set. Well besides that fact that we don’t speak Dutch or French and I have no idea how I am going to pack for a full week and fit everything into my backpack. It will be a blast! Same pair of shoes and outfit in ever picture ahh yea!

So the past month I have been sick on and off with a pulled muscle in there somewhere too. I am much better now and thank goodness because my mom, Joan, and Ryan will be here in 2 days to visit for 10 days! I am excited to show them around campus and Dublin. We plan to take a 3 day road trip around Ireland and wrap up their visit with a few days in London! It sounds like they will be sure to get the full Ireland experience because the weather calls for rain every day. I don’t complain because without the constant rain, everything wouldn’t be so green and beautiful!

This past Sunday, Jena and I traveled to Kilkenny, Ireland. After we arrived, we stopped for a much needed coffee and pastry. We then walked to the Kilkenny Castle. To our pleasant surprise, this castle gives tours and we were there 5 minutes before the next tour began! We walked from room to room learning about the Butler family and the restoration of the castle by the state after it was once sold on an auction years ago. It’s amazing to see such beautiful work completed from the guidance of a simple black and white picture. The staff asked that no pictures be taken of the inside of the castle and I now understand why. It was well worth the fee and I would go again in a heartbeat! We wrapped up the day with walking around the streets, grabbing dinner, and running to the bus station. Yes, literally running.

On Monday, I scheduled classes for my last semester of undergrad at Purdue University. Some may say how exciting but I say how sad. I have loved my time at Purdue! Once a Boilermaker, always a Boilermaker!

Tuesday, the UCD volleyball team traveled three hours south of Dublin to Cork, Ireland. We played against two teams and had a blast doing it! We won one game and lost the other. I have had so much fun with these girls every Wednesday and Friday nights in the gym and can’t imagine my UCD experience without each and every one of them! I am so blessed because friends made on the court are for life! UCD GO!


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