One month until I come home and tonight was the first time I went to the cinema on campus. Thank goodness I didn’t have to walk very far because today is definitely the coldest day since I have been in Ireland. The wind is the killer. At home, the wind stings my face but here it flat knocks me over. I did make it to the cinema and back safely of course after enjoying some Chinese food with Jamie (a study abroad student from Kansas State).

The movie I saw with Gillian and Lisa is called Brooklyn. It’s about an Irish girl who moved to, well… Brooklyn. When she went back to Ireland for a visit, she was faced with a decision to stay in Ireland or go back to Brooklyn. The movie was a real tear jerker and yes I cried about five times. It really put in perspective what I am doing here away from my home country. I am beyond blessed to be a United States citizen with unlimited opportunities for whatever I want to set my mind to. Not everyone in this world has that option ya know? I can’t help but wonder how different it would be if I grew up in Ireland and wanted to work in the agriculture industry. There is a lot of land and agriculture here but the island is small compared to home. A different place, a different time, a different world, and I am the same small town girl.

Another reason I am thankful to have a USA passport is how easy it is for me to travel across Europe. Fiona, my Chinese roommate, has to spend so much extra money getting an Ireland visa, a United Kingdom visa, as well as a Europe visa. It’s crazy how things like that are dictated by where you come from even if you’re just touring for a few days.

Last week was full of adventure with my mom, Joan, and Ryan visiting! We rented a car for the time spent in Ireland and quickly learned a car is both a blessing at times and a curse at others. Joan was a great driver and I’m sure held her tongue more than a few times. Mom and I were barking directions at her while she was focusing on staying to the left hand side of the road while also driving on the opposite side of the car. If some of you think roundabouts are difficult at home, try coming to Ireland where there is a roundabout every mile… or kilometer that is. Although we earned a few honks and a few other rude gestures, having a car was perfect for driving from castle to castle and taking a random detour here and there. This is a picture taken while on our quest to find the pier. It ended up being tiny and very tucked away in the countryside.


This is going to get lengthy. I’ll continue on the next post.


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