Visitors and Adventures!

Lots of memories made in the ten days that my mom, Joan, and Ryan were here. We spent the first day in Dublin walking around on crowded weekend streets. The weather was nice and the street entertainers were out and about. We also walked through parks and shops along the way. I was happy to share the full city experience with them all in one day. Here is St. Stephen’s Green pond while walking through the park.


The next few days were spent driving around the country side. We traveled to Cork then to Limerick and finally Galway after returning back to Dublin. Here are a few pictures of places we visited.


The Blarney Castle – Ryan and I kissed the Blarney stone at the top just in time for it to pour down rain with no umbrellas. When it rains it pours!


The Torc Waterfall along the Ring of Kerry followed by a hike we didn’t quite expect.


A couple guereza colobus hanging out at the Fota Wildlife Park in Cork. There were also buffalo, flamingos, cheetahs, lions, birds of all kinds, giraffes, and a rhino for us to see at this wildlife park.


The Bunratty Castle was right down the road from our bed and breakfast. Once again, not on our original list but was very interesting and worth the morning stroll to get to it.

We flew to London for the weekend and thank goodness we chose not to travel to Paris where the terrorist attacks happened. Friday the 13th, 2015.


Here is Westminster Abbey. We were able to tour with a guided audio player but were asked not to take photographs. šŸ˜¦


Big Ben!! It was pretty awesome watching the new James Bond movie, Spectre, while in London because at the end of the movie the helicopter is flying over Big Ben!!! So cool!

IMG_2078Ā Buckingham Palace where the changing of the guards takes place. There were too many people there very early and we couldn’t see so we decided to watch it on YouTube.


A view of the London Eye while taking a river cruise back toward our hotel. That was the night after the Paris attacks and the eye was lit up for the French flag. We also did ride the London Eye the first day in London.


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